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Hebrewisms of West Africa by Joseph J. Williams

May 20, 2011

Hebrewisms of West Africa by Joseph J Williams

The parallels that  and others similarly like minded see  between indigenous African cosmology with the cosmology of the Hebrew bible that Joseph Williams in his ”Hebrewisms of West Africa,” and others call “Hebrewism,” “Judaism,” or “Jewish,” is understood or interpreted to indicate some Africans and African traditions emanate or originate from Hebrews, Hebrewisms or Israel. The Africa Israel Hypothesis  proposes that these evidences of “Hebraic” influence do not owe their origins to Hebrews, Hebrewisms or any other sort of “Hebraic” influences, but rather, the indigenous African cosmology is instead THE SOURCE of what Williams calls “Hebrewisms” (actually “Africanisms” ) that found their way into the Hebrew bible.


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