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September 15, 2012

The Falashas, whose role in Ethiopian history is well known, never presented themselves as Jews before some missionaries and European travellers got interested in them and their religious particularism, from 1860 onwards.

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  1. markos permalink

    Is this site anti-Ethiopian Jews? Racists are haters and may god bring peace to your devil mind?

  2. Mr. Markos, see our “about” page to get a clear understanding of what the Africa Israel Hypothesis is about: Please do not attack the messenger. I am only carrying the message. Attack the message, not me.

  3. the smitic jew permalink

    falasha presented themselves as Jews.the chronicals of the portugase catholics in ethiopia in 1545 a.c. saying that the jews of habash(ethiopia) saying they are jews from egypt,from the island of “yeb”. even the semitic pepoles,founders of axume(like tigryans,tigre and amhara)sayng they came from egypt.the falasha ALWAYS represent themselves as jews,beacuse they are “ayhud”(jews)

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