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The Africa Israel Hypothesis (AIH) is a proposal that attempts to address the question of the Jewish, Hebrew or Israelite identity or origins of indigenous African people groups such as the Kayla/Agau of East Africa, the Luba of Central Africa, the Igbo of West Africa, the Lemba of South Africa and other people groups from Africa or the African Diaspora. Since the introduction of the Bible of European and American missionaries to African colonization and education that dawned with the slave trade, speculation about the “lost tribes of Israel” loomed large in the imagination of these colonizing agents due to their witness of the similarity of traditions, cultural practices, moral and ethical precepts of Africans to “Jewish” precepts and practices as found in the Hebrew Scriptures. This in turn has resulted in the phenomenon of Hebrew or Israelite identity being claimed by various African people groups.  The AIH turns this current trend in African Israelite identity on its head by proposing that what we find as evidence of Hebrew identity in Africa is instead evidence of the African origins of these so-called “Hebrewisms” and other “Jewish” cultural identifiers that find themselves in the Hebrew Bible narratives. In short the AIH is an anti-thesis to the current thesis that seeks to establish and validate such claims.

  1. African Truth permalink

    I am not even going to go further with this reading above because it is already sounding partial. A Semetic language comes from a Semetic people. The Language and the people are insinc. Follow the path, and you will follow the people. They belong to people whose skin was designed for such a hot climate as Israel. “It’s just like a whole group of Dark skinned africans saying that they all originated from Europe”- it doesn’t add up. If the Jews of today were the natural Isralites, there would not be a need for fishing to find that non existent DNA. Based on the so called theory of all running from the promise land and many fleeing to Europe, and the tradition of only marrying each other, there would have to be a strong dna proof of middle eastern heritage or origin, but there is not. Clearly- The Authentic Jews are black and some are yellow, but very few are actually white. There is simply not an argument -From an original African.

    • I admit it is difficult for some to read which would make it even more difficult to state exactly what statement of fact (or non-fact) in the artcle one disagrees with. I can’t get anyone to controvert the evidence presented in an objective manner. Your understanding of language origins though held in common by many, cannot be sustained by the science of linguistics. What “sounding” in the artcle shows partiality? Partiality toward what or who?

  2. shmuel permalink

    The whole website seems to be set on trying to disprove the sub-saharan link to the ancient Israel. Well its quite simple the genes do not lie no matter how you spin it. If they are not Isralites then whiteskinned Europeans claiming a right to Palestine are even further away from being Isralites. The Khazars, Romans and Russians are not Isralite and never will be and should be proud to be European. Trying to undercut African facts and history will never strengthen your fabricated claim but just demonstrate what everybody already knows, you are Jepheth (magog) hiding in he tents of Shem as the Torah says.

    Anyway bring rock solid evidence not spurious claims and baseless opinions and then we can talk about something until then I suggest you be proud of your pagan (idolatrous) European history.


  3. If you will give an objective view to the articles in this blog, you will find evidences regarding genetic origins of the “Beta Israel” (referred to as “Falasha” in the literature) in the article “North African Jewish and Non Jewish Populations Form Distinctive Orthogonal Clusters.” Even though my Y-DNA haplotype is I1 (Scandinavian) I present phenotypically and have always been seen and identified by others as well as myself as African/African-American/Black/Cushite/Negro. My mtDNA is L2a1.

  4. Ben permalink “Ark of the Covenant: evidence supporting the Ethiopian traditions.” –

    Unless Old Testament historians learn Ge’ez, their analysis of the Old Testament will not only remain woefully inadequate but tragically incorrect.

    • What evidence? How are OT scholars understanding and analysis of the OT inadequate but tragically incorrect?

  5. Is this you Sidney Davis?:!profile/26705

    I’m doing research in this area, and I want to be sure my facts are correct. Presently I’m reading an article entitled, “The Problem With Constructing A History Of The African Jewish Identity.” by Sidney Davis, and I just want to be sure of my facts. Thanks!

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