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Are Ethiopians “Fake” Jews?

August 30, 2012

Falasha: fake black Jews, again

The infamous ex-justice of the Supreme Court Shamgar, now a leading advocate for fake Jews from Ethiopia, arranged for the Knesset State Control Committee’s demand that the government stop sabotaging the “rescue” of some 8,000 blacks posing as Jews from Gondar, Ethiopia. In fact, more than a thousand of them entered Israel last year, in addition to the tens of thousands who were already here.

Amid much criticism, we would reiterate our position:

  • Anyone with a cross tattooed on his forehead is not a Jew.
  • Speaking the Geez language means nothing: the Ethiopian Christian Church also uses it for liturgy.
  • Falashas read the Torah, true, but they also read the non-canonical books of Ethiopian Christianity.
  • Falashas practice circumcision, true, but they also practice female excision.
  • Falashas have monks—a typical Christian habit. In Judaism, permanent nazirites are expressly forbidden.

If anything, Falasha beliefs resemble monastic Christianity, with an emphasis on purity. Fundamentalist quasi-Judaic leanings are typical of the Ethiopian Church.The Falashas’ opposition to the Church rests on their tribal opposition to the state, whose backbone is the Church.

The Falashas have never tried to establish contact with nearby Yemeni Jews. Rabbinical confirmations of the Falashas’ Jewishness are completely baseless. What conceivable basis could there be for pronouncing them the descendants of the Dan tribe or King Solomon? The diversity of their origin myths shows their falsity.


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  1. markos permalink

    What exactly was the ancient Juda practice as a religion? Yes, tatoo of cross ,may not be judiasm but all other traits could be rather authentic. Your hate for Ethiopian Orthodox Christanity indicates that you are rather strange for Judaism. Ethiopian Orthodox christanity is essentially Judiac and of course the only surviving ancient and authentic belief of the ancient levant. You better check your originality at first.

  2. Mr. Markos, your comments are noted, but I am not the originator of the article. Your response should be to counter the information the article gives. Attack the article, not the writer of the article. If you have any information or facts that would enlighten the reader, that would be appreciative, but the hurling of invectives and insults against someone with whom you disagree is not constructive to a dialectical discourse which is what we are trying to promote here.

    I think your statement “Ethiopian Orthodox christanity is essentially Judiac and of course the only surviving ancient and authentic belief of the ancient levant.” may hold true. It would be appropriate I think to give supporting evidence.

  3. the smitic jew permalink

    A.thers no cross tattooed falasha.the only cross tattooed are the falashmora!.do you now what is falashmora? do even now what the meaning of “falasha”? Geez language thers many hebrew words that trace back befor christianiti enter to ethiopia.judaism and jews enter ethiopia before islam and christianiti! you can ask the ethiopian church. C.falsha jews read the Deuterocanonical books beside the tora,this books are jewish books. D.flasha jews DO NOT practice female excision!. E.falashas have monks frome around 1500 a.c.,before that thers was no monks in the falasha jews. .marco polo in his travel in habash(ethiopia) in 1200 a.c. mantion that thers many jews in habash. the anicent name of the ethiopian jews before the name “falasha” and “beita israel” was “ayhud” meaning “jews”. wars and bloodshat betwean christians and jews in ethiopia were extremly havy frome 990 a.c. until 1627 a.c.. YOU HAVE MANY MORE TO LEARN ABOUT THE JEWS OF ETHIOPIA,THE FALASHA.

    • The name Ayhud (Jews) is rarely used in the community, as the Christians used it as a derogatory term. The community only has begun to use it since strengthening ties with other Jewish communities in the 20th century.[23] The term ‘Ivrawi (Hebrews) was used to refer to the Chawa (free man) in the community, in contrast to Barya (slave).[24] The term Oritawi (Torah-true) was used to refer to the community members; since the 19th century it has been used in opposition to the term Falash Mura (converts).

      The major derogatory term, Falasha (foreigners/exiles), was given to the community by the Emperor Yeshaq in the 15th century. Agaw, referring to the Agaw people, the original inhabitants of northwest Ethiopia, is considered derogatory since it incorrectly associates the community with the pagan Agaw.

      [23] Quirun, The Evolution of the Ethiopian Jews, p. 11-15; Aešcoly, Book of the Falashas, p. 1-3; Hagar Salamon, Beta Israel and their Christian neighbors in Ethiopia: Analysis of key concepts at different levels of cultural embodiment, Hebrew University, 1993, p.69-77 (Hebrew); Shalva Weil, “Collective Names and Collective Identity of Ethiopian Jews” in Ethiopian Jews in the Limelight, Hebrew University, 1997, pp. 35–48
      [24] Salamon, Beta Israel, p. 135, n. 20 (Hebrew)

    • Falashas Doctrines
      Falasha (Ethiopic for “stranger”) is the term by which the Jews of Ethiopia are commonly known: they refer to themselves as Beta Isra’el “House of Israel”, never as aihud “Jews”. Most have now left Ethiopia and live in Israel. Their religious beliefs and practices are in many respects so different from orthodoxy that their Jewishness was often questioned. They were entirely ignorant of the Mishnah and Talmud tradition (see above). They had no knowledge of Hebrew: prayers and readings from scripture were in Ge’ez, which is also the sacred language of Ethiopian Christians, nor did they observe rabbinic customs concerning the mezuzah and phylacteries. They did observe ritual and dietary laws with great zeal, although these did not include the rabbinic prohibition of eating meat and milk at the same meal. They also kept the sabbath very strictly. Like the Samaritans, they celebrated the Passover by sacrificing a lamb on the 14th Nisan. They did not celebrate Purim, however, or (like the Karaites) the popular festival of Hanukkah.

      In common with other religious groups, including Christians, THEY PRACTISED MALE AND FEMALE CIRCUMCISION on the eighth day after birth: the operation was performed by a woman. The Falasha synagogue, known as a masjid (“mosque”), had an altar outside the east door, and a woman’s court to the south. Male priests known as kohanim officiated in worship, accompanied by the rattling of sistra and the burning of incense. The study of the Bible, especially the Psalms, was led by debteras “scribes”. Among original Falasha works, written in Ge’ez and of unknown date and authorship, are the Commandments of the Sabbath, the Book of Abba Elijah, the Apocalypse of Gorgorios, the Apocalypse of Ezra and the Death of Moses. Source:

  4. the smitic jew permalink

    you took this from british encyclopedia.i now frome first hand beacuse i live in israel among the ethiopian jews and i now amharic and i investigat the “kessim”,the spiritual leaders,they told me that is FORBBIDEN FOR THEM TO EAT MEAT AND MILK AT THE SAME MEAL.offcours they d’ont celebret hanukka and porim,and d’ont now about mishna and talmud beacuse they exile befor the greek occupation of judea but they have tzom of “ta’anit esther” beacuse “haman” want to kill all jews frome india to ethiopia ,and befor talmud and mishna was writting.about “tefilin” start after the story of esther happend.the word is “msgid” not “masjid” (and this is synagog,not mosque..) and it is driven from the hebrew words “sgida” “li’sgod” meaning to pray.sometime the “msgid” calld “tzelot beit”,frome the aramic word “tzlota” meaning pray.the term “chewa” meaning also pure.THEY ARE NOT PRACTISED FEMALE CIRCUMCISION.and did you now that some of them have the last name “levi”? in amharic “lewi”.british encyclopedya frome 1988..they have to update.

  5. the smitic jew permalink

    the ethiopian jews was the most isoleted jews in the world,gain wars against their enemis almost whitout stop,missioneris,and force baptiz.after all,they mange to survive as jews,a powerfull jews.

    • The observation of both inside and outside investigators, scholars, missionaries, explorers, anthropologists, geneticists and the social scientists of the so-called Falasha and the anthologies resulting from such contact do not completely concur with your views, which appears somewhat biased and subjective, for you offer nothing but your own opinion to support your own views and conclusions.

  6. the smitic jew permalink

    hello,sidney.other investigators, scholars, missionaries, explorers, anthropologists, geneticists and the social scientists and historyografers sayng the opposite.but as i now from first hand .for example,i told that the word “masjid” is is “msgid” beacuse i now how to Pronounce this frome first hand.this argu will go on for long time,so i wish you to live long time and happyness for ever!.shabaat shalom!

  7. Eyob permalink

    Came across this article while reading about Ethiopian Jews. It’s obviously written by an Ashkenazi Jew, a decendent of the 8th century convert to Judaism who now forcefully claim to be the decendent of Abrham.
    The recent archeological findings of ancient Israelites (about 2000 years ago) has no resemblance to the current inhabitants of The Holy Land, with the exception of the Ethiopians!!
    Ethiopian Jews and their fellow Christians, the chosen keepers of The Arc of The Covenant, can NOT and should NOT be judged by an Ashkenazi Jew. After all, Moses had children from his Ethiopian wife. The same can NOT be said about a European Jew.

    • Eyob says, “The recent archeological findings of ancient Israelites (about 2000 years ago) has no resemblance to the current inhabitants of The Holy Land.” What recent archeological findings do you refer? Please supply your sources.

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