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Unveiling the Lies of Jewish Origin of the Igbo People and Revealing the Jewish Agenda in Igboland

June 12, 2013

Unveiling the Lies of Jewish Origin of the Igbo People and Revealing the Jewish Agenda in Igboland

There have been attempts by various Zionist Jewish entities to try and sew Ndi Igbo into a “Jewish” ancestry. One of their deceptions is through the painting of the Biblical Eri and the Igbo Eri as one in the same. Those who are well versed in the Holy Bible, Igbo Traditions, and history as I, know that this claim is totally and grossly absurd. To begin, the names Eri (the son of Gad) of the Bible and Eri of the Igbo race are pronounced two completely different ways. The ‘E’ of the Biblical/Jewish Eri is equivalent to the ‘e’ in Easter and the ‘ri’ is equivalent to the ‘ri’ in ride. Examples of similar biblical names with long ‘E’ pronunciations are Elijah(ee LIE ja), Elisha(ee LIE sha), Egypt(ee jippt), and Esau(ee SAW). In contrast, the ‘E’ in the Igbo Eri is as the ‘e’ in echo and the ‘ri’ is as the ‘ree’ in reed. Examples of similar Igbo names with short ‘E’ pronunciations are Emeka, Enyi, Ebere, and Enugu. The only thing the Biblical/Jewish Eri shares with the Igbo Eri is the Latin Script in which it is written in. This is a major deception that is used on the Igbo who are unable to acquire access to the truth.


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  1. julius permalink

    nonsense. dig more. go and do a pproper research on the subject and stop making your IGNORANCE of the subject public.

    • Greetings Mr. Julius. I am afraid you are barking up the wrong tree. I am just the messenger. I did not write the message. The message is already in the public domain. If you want to attack someone because you can’t handle the message or because you can’t refute its contents, then I suggest you go to the source. If however you want to discuss in a sane, unimpassioned, rational, logical, sensible and scholarly manner what the message says, then I will be glad to engage you here. I have no problem doing that publicly. The truth can afford to be fair. It does not fear or run away from any honest engagement or debate. Then we can determine what is “nonsense” and who is really displaying “ignorance” on the subject. It better to have an informed opinion based upon the facts instead of being opinionated based on fiction, would you not agree?

      If you have “research on the subject” that you would care to share or add to what is here, you are strongly encouraged to submit your findings here. It would be most welcomed and I would be most happy to examine it and invite a discussion about it without prejudice.

  2. Actually, the first statement in this piece is incorrect. “There have been attempts by various Zionist Jewish entities to try and sew Ndi Igbo into a “Jewish” ancestry.” This statement is incorrect. I worked with some of the first Jewish organizations who got associated with helping Igbos practice a “type” of Judaism and they were not at all Zionist organizations. In fact, the Zionist organizations originally and even today were very hesitant to get involved in this issue at all. For example, Shevai Yisrael which does a lot of work searching for lost tribes did not mention anything about the Igbos at all in any of their documentation for years even after they were informed of the “claim” back in about 2004-5.

    The organizations that were originally were run by Reform and Reconstructionist “American” Jews. These same organizations were early on claiming that the Zionist organizations were racist for not immediately trying to convert Igbos to Judaism.

    Further, no Jewish organizations created the “Eri and the Igbo Eri as one in the same” claim. This claim was made by several Igbos in Nigeria who made that association on their own. I.e. they read an English translation of a Humash and noticed the similarity in “English.” I remember early on discussing this issue with several Igbos who were leading the Igbo movement I was also involved in helping then write a “theoretical” paper on the topic. That paper was one of the first ones written directly on the topic in detail and was used by organization like Kulanu and even Rabbi Goren.

  3. Edward permalink

    The real Jews were black.the oldest wall paints in egypt,russia clearly shows,and so was solomon in songs of solomon:5.israerites fled persecution into west Africa then migrated to east.slave in Americas are the Hebrews so are the Bantus.wake up.biblicaly Africans simply should mean cush.phut and Canaanites.check Babylon to timbaktu was acospiracy

    • Dear Edward, this blog provides scholarly and academic literature that are searchable and verifiable. It presents facts and evidences from a wide range of sources. There are no “opinions” featured here. If you have sources from the literature to support your thesis. We shall be glad to entertain them.

  4. "...i am glad to inform you that i have gotton my Hebrew data. I am analysing the data presently and i have spotted some genetic affinities between the two languages. My supervisor attests to the fact that the two languages are related based on linguistic permalink

    This email was sent by a student in one of Nigerian Best University. I personally spoke with her on Phone and met her supervisor. She attest to a strong affinity and relationship in the discussion we had!

  5. Izuma permalink

    Igbo are claiming Jews? ebi. but the Igbos do not in any way look like Israelis and the Igbo culture and Israelis culture are not the same. why claiming fake origin. the ideology of Igbo people and Israel people are not the same. the food culture of Igbos and Israelis are not the same. the Igbo got NO similarities OF anything to link them with Jews. fake claim.

    • Dear Mr.Izuma, Thank you for visiting the AIH blog site and thank you for your comment. As you can see from some of the respondents to this blog article, not all would agree with you, but that would mainly be because they have not availed themselves use of the information presented, have not read, refuse to read, are ignorant or willingly ignorant or otherwise are blind to the information presented in this blog site. The evidence is as plain as their blindness because they do not or cannot address themselves to or answer the information presented.

  6. Yahgazie Emeka permalink

    Igbos and Jews have several similarities in religion, culture & tradition. Is a fact, there is no argument about this. I do not know why non-Igbos in nigeria hate anything Igbo, I am Igbo, AM PROUD TO BE A JEW.

    • Mr. Emeka,Thank you for visiting the AIH blog site and thank you for your comment. I am proud to be Igbo as well. I do not know of any Igbo who is not proud to be Igbo. I am not a Jew though. I am proud to be Igbo even though I do not have any Jewish gene in my DNA, but if I did I suppose I would be proud of that, but I don’t need to have Jewish DNA or convert to Judaism in order to be proud of my Igboness. Igbos and Jews have several similarities in religion, culture & tradition as do other people groups in Africa, but such similarities that various African people groups have with Jews does not make them Jewish. One cannot be a Jew unless it is according to Jewish law.There is no argument about this.

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